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WELCOME TO KNIGHTSBRIDGE TUTORS -  a helping hand for your child 

Even the brightest children sometimes need help to fulfil their academic potential. At Knightsbridge Tutors, we offer a range of tuition services to make learning fun and productive.

Problems at school can be caused by specific learning difficulties, ineffective teaching or problems at home. Our tutors help your child overcome these hurdles by inspiring them and restoring their natural confidence and ability.

Our approach is simple, effective and child friendly. We provide tuition for an extensive range of subjects and ages; from 7+ entry, through 11+ , Common Entrance, GCSE, A-Level and beyond. In addition to Maths, Science and Humanities we cover most modern languages for both adults and children.

Our tutors make learning fun. They are all high fliers, with first-rate academics and a proven ability to teach effectively. Typically, a tutor will visit regularly each week, working at your home or school. We can arrange longer courses during the school holidays and provide tutors for residential work in the UK and abroad, either on a short or long-term basis. We can also arrange complete home schooling.

Teaching is subject-based but learning techniques, question-answering skills, time management and confidence building are also emphasised. The tutor works at your child’s pace and will ensure that each subject has been completely understood before moving on. We advocate streamlined, productive sessions focused only on the specific areas that need improvement.

We offer an efficient and bespoke service and provide you with the best possible tutor to match your child's academic needs.

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